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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

AAAS’s unique, inclusive approach, allows everyone involved in animal science – from students, to industry professionals and researchers – to meet and learn from each other.

At the national level, the AAAS Biennial Conference provides an excellent opportunity for members to meet, exchange information and ideas and discuss the very latest advances from the world of animal science and production. At branch level, meetings are convened at regular intervals to discuss topics of local or national interest and to provide a forum for members to raise matters of importance.

Calves in Nature

Our Story - AAAS

In 1954 a group of Australian scientists decided that they needed a society to provide the then-burgeoning activity of applying science to animal production with a forum that allowed sharing of ideas, a biennial research conference, and a dedicated research publication. Each state established branches of the Australian Society of Animal Production (ASAP), which held regular meetings to discuss current research and extension developments.  A feature of the early society was the inclusion of producers in branch activities and the biennial conference. Early career graduates were introduced to the legends of animal science and production, and used the conference to form networks and learn how to deliver messages from their scientific research. This society contributed enormously to the current success of animal production in Australia.

Times change, and the society gradually diminished in its relevance to researchers, students and others involved with animals, for a range of reasons. Those involved with different individual animal species started their own societies, scientists preferred going to their own discipline meetings, and other relevant groups began to service animal agriculture. In 2018, the ASAP federal council met in Sydney to develop a strategy for invigorating the society based on broader engagement across the animal sciences – and the Australian Association of Animal Sciences (AAAS) was born!

Our Story - AAAP

The Asian Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies (AAAP) is a prominent and dynamic organization dedicated to advancing animal production and agricultural sciences in the Asia-Oceanic region. Comprising a network of professional animal science societies from various countries within the region, the AAAP fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and scientific research in the field of animal production. With a focus on sustainable practices and the latest technological advancements, the association plays a crucial role in promoting the welfare, productivity, and efficiency of livestock industries. By bringing together experts, academics, and industry professionals, the AAAP continues to make significant contributions to the region's growth and development of animal production.


Prof Frank Dunshea (Congress Chair)

Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Chair of Agriculture, The University of Melbourne.

Dr Darryl D'Souza (Sponsorship Chair)

Executive GM – Technical Services, SunPork Group

Dr Jo Newton (Co-Chair of the Chairperson organising committee)

Research Scientist-Genetics, Agriculture Victoria

Dr Amy Bates (Co-Chair of the Chairperson organising committee)

PHD Candidate

Prof Brian Leury 

Honorary Professor of Animal Science, The University of Melbourne

Dr Paul Cheng

Snr Lecturer-Livestock Nutrition & Grazing Management, The University of Melbourne

Prof Robyn Warner

Professor of Meat Science, The University of Melbourne 

Dr Rodrigo Albornoz

Dairy Australia 

Ian Sawyer

Ruminate Technical Services, Feedworks

Dr Michael Rose

Director Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Dr Jeremy Cottrell

Senior Lecturer Dairy and Livestock science, The University of Melbourne

Prof Michael Friend 

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and innovation Charles Sturt University 

Dr Surinder Chauhan

Senior Lecture (Livestock Genetics and genomics), The University of Melbourne)

Dr John Pluske

Chief Scientist and CEO Australasian Pork Research Institute Ltd

Evan Bittner 

PhD student, University of Melbourne 

Graham Lean

Agrivet Business Consulting 

Dr Stephanie Muir 

Research Scientist, Agriculture Victoria

Dr Rebecca Athorn

Acting Director Research & Innovation at Australian Pork Limited 

Dr Kirsty DiGiacomo

Senior Research Fellow (Production Animals) The Melbourne University)

Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas

Veterinarian, Technical Services Manager - Nutrition, Virbac Australia

Dr Sarah Meale

Senior Lecturer in Animal Science and production, the University of Queensland 

Mal Mottram

Managing Partner, Feedworks

Maxine Rice 

PhD student, The University of Melbourne 

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