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Travel Bursary

Applications close: 31st January 2023 


Email applications to: 

AAAP24can offer a limited number of bursaries for graduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral fellows who are below 35 years old, to support them to attend the conference (assist with travel and accommodation costs up to the maximum value of AUD$750.  Funding provided will be determined on a case by case basis). 


If you do not meet all criteria and from a country listed on the ODA as a low income country - ODA List.   Please apply and you must be able to confirm that you are able to fund the remainder of your trip. 


The decision for the award is undertaken by a bursary committee. 


Application documents: 

1. Motivation letter for the bursary application including a short description of the current research project(s) (max. one A4 page). 
2. CV with your name, address of your affiliation, contact details, date of birth, citizenship, educational background, employment history and current position. 
3. Publication list of the applicant. 
4. Letter of recommendation of the supervisor or head of department/group of the applicant. 
5. Document to confirm the student, PhD or Post-Doc status of the applicant (i.e. matriculation of the university, etc.). 

6. Please include that you will be able to fund the majority of your travel and accommodation costs.  This bursary will only fund a small part of your expenses. 



♦    The submission of an abstract and participation at the AAAP24 is mandatory! 
♦    Incomplete or late applications will not be considered by the bursary committee! 
♦    All application documents MUST be in English 


Deadline for bursary application: 31st January 2023 

Email applications to: 

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